TDR: Y’all want this?

* Off the bench *

* Leading off *


The Lakers have struggled of late with Lebron James out with a groin injury, but last night was a different story. Who needs Lebron when you have Kyle Kuzma? Kuzma went OFF last night, to the tune of 41 points… and he did it in only three quarters. The 41 points is a career high for Kuzma, and the performance helped the Lakers to a 113-100 victory over the Pistons.

* Halftime *

Beep Beep

Did you have to drive that close to him?! A U20 soccer math was being played between Trindade AC and Brazilian club Flamengo when a player went down with an injury. He was laying on the ground just waiting for someone, anyone, to come help him. The medical cart drove over and accidentally ran over his foot. Poor guy. Literally everyone is just laughing at him. The kid is legit inconsolable and everyone is like lol, whoops. He returned to the game, so they probably just figured it was him being an over dramatic soccer guy, but you all still ran over his foot. You should probably say sorry, and maybe not drive medical golf carts that help injured people anymore.

Get this bread

Picture this. Saints coach Sean Payton has a plan. He brought three armed guards, $201k (the player’s bonus if you win the Super Bowl), the Lombardi Trophy and a Super Bowl ring into practice yesterday. He stands in front of his team. He says, “Y’all want this? Win three f’in games.” The crowd went wild. Sean smiled to himself, pleased the speech he prepared in the mirror went over so well. He debated throwing the curse word in there. He’s glad he did. So yeah watch out literally everyone, because the Saints are ready to get this bread. Quite the motivating tactic as the Saints get ready to play the Eagles this weekend. Doug Pederson might want to start promising them something other than vanilla ice cream.

* Keep your eye on the ball *

Hurts to say goodbye

Jalen Hurts is transferring from Alabama. Officially. Where he goes is still anyone’s guess, but the beloved quarterback officially submitted his name in the college football transfer portal yesterday. Hurts famously came back to Alabama this year after being benched in favor of Tua Tagovailoa in the 2018 national championship against the Georgia Bulldogs, and primarily took a backseat to the rising star this season. Nonetheless, he was supportive of his teammate, showed great maturity all year, and was even able to come in and save the day for Alabama in the SEC championship game against Georgia this year. For these reasons, he will always have a special place in Nick Saban’s heart and the hearts of Alabama fans everywhere, and we here at the Daily Rally couldn’t be more excited for him and his future. Good on ya, Jalen. Good luck wherever the future takes you.

* Overtime *